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Author: Chris

Fishing Report 5/22/2018: Slip Bobber Season Is Here!!

The bite is on! Post-spawning walleyes are back in full gear on main Devils Lake and upper basin lakes. The best tactic right now is slip bobbers and vertically jigging in 5-15 feet of water. The water temperature on the main lake is still in the 50s we might have to wait a few weeks for pitching crankbaits and trolling. The post Fishing Report 5/22/2018: Slip Bobber Season Is Here!! appeared first on Woodland Resort. Powered by...

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Plowed Roads and Ice Conditions Update

Just a heads up to our fish house customers and people looking to venture out with their own wheel houses: Our plowed trails throughout Creel Bay are starting to get some water on top of them due to snow melt (currently, there’s anywhere from 12″-18″ of snow on top of the ice). The ice crew is working hard to divert trails as much as possible but more than likely you will be driving through a little bit of water. The ice is still completely safe as we’re sitting around 30″-36″ on average for ice thickness. Fishing the past couple of...

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February 19th Fishing Report

Ice conditions still vary with an average around 30 inches. A 12″ auger extension is necessary in most areas as there’s a good amount of snow on top of the ice. 12-18 inches of hard packed snow covers most spots on the lake. Our trail system is now extended to Doc Hagen’s over on Six Mile Bay. Other trail locations throughout Creel Bay are still going to the North end of Creel, Peterson’s point, Eagle Bend, Country Club, Military, and Rocky Points. Although you can still get around some spots, if we get hit with another snow storm tracks...

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January 23rd Fishing Report

Ice Conditions Ice conditions are averaging between 17 and 23 inches in most areas. There was quite a bit of snow on top of the ice with drifting but the warmer temps we had this past week knocked it down quite a bit. Something with tracks is recommended or an ATV if you’re more of a tactical fisherman but a full size rig will do too (don’t forget a shovel and tow rope to bring along). With all of this said, Tommy did find areas around the Dome House with about 4″ of ice so there still are spots...

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January 10th Fishing Report and Ice Conditions

Fishing Report Gold, gold, and gold. The past couple of days the color Gold has been the go to choice. Specifically in the form of 1/16oz Buckshots, gold Genz Worms, down to slip bobber rigs with a gold hook and smaller sized live minnow. We recently experienced a large temperature change from -20 to 20 above and it slowed the bite for a day or so and then the fishing turned for the better! The Perch have been primarily coming out of 25′-35′ of water throughout the lake. We’ve heard other reports of guys catching them in even shallower...

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