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Fishing Report Septmeber 11th-19th

Now that the weather is finally settling down and the lake is cooling, fish should move back out to deeper water. This should allow for more fish to be caught while jigging. Crank baits should continue to be effective for a few more weeks, but we are starting to see spinners and bottom bouncers slowly fade away. Minnows are being used much more as the days get cloudier, and they are now our guides’ go to bait. The post Fishing Report Septmeber 11th-19th appeared first on Woodland Resort. Powered by...

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Fishing Report September 4th-10th

The fishing has been becoming more difficult as we transition from summer to fall but fish are still being caught. Crank baits are now effective, along with the standard slip bobber set up. We are seeing fish biting on both night crawlers and minnows. The post Fishing Report September 4th-10th appeared first on Woodland Resort. Powered by...

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Lots of options this time of year…

What to do? What to do?? Goose hunting, bow hunting, dove hunting are all going on!  Grouse hunting opens this Saturday. There are certainly options in the Devils Lake area!Youth duck opener is just around the corner as well. The outlook is fantastic as we are seeing nice flocks buzzing the stubble fields each morning and night. As for the fishing… we appear to be in a bit of a transition period. We are leaving the summer patterns and turning more into fall. Days are shorter and the weeds are starting to die off. Water temps are cooling and...

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Fishing Report August 28th – September 3rd

The Devil’s Lake fishing report for the week August 28th to September 3rd, 2017. Brought to you by Mitchell’s Guide Service. The largest, most experienced, professional, full time Guide Service serving the Devils Lake basin. This is been a very interesting and sometimes challenging week of fishing for us here at Devils Lake North Dakota. Many families here in North Dakota started school last week. Elsewhere almost all schools will have started by this week’s end. We are now at post Labor Day weekend and that means there will be less boats on the water and no waiting at the...

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Open Water Perch Fishing on Devils Lake, ND

Devils Lake is probably best known for its jumbo perch. People come from all over the country in the winter to pursue the most popular sport fish in the Midwest. The reality is that not many people actively target perch in the summer on Devils Lake. Most target walleye and pike. There is usually a good walleye bite going on and it is difficult for many anglers to switch gears and go after perch.  When you can get on them, perch fishing during the summer on Devils Lake can be outstanding! Some of my personal best experiences on perch...

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