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Author: Jon Mitzel

Ice Fishing Report from Woodland Resort

Fishing Report: Gold, gold, and gold. The past couple of days the color Gold has been the go to choice. Specifically in the form of 1/16oz Buckshots, gold Genz Worms, down to slip bobber rigs with a gold hook and smaller sized live minnow. We recently experienced a large temperature change from -20 to 20 above and it slowed the bite for a day or so and then the fishing turned for the better! The Perch have been primarily coming out of 25′-35′ of water throughout the lake. We’ve heard other reports of guys catching them in even shallower...

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by Jason Mitchell When fish are moving, you can sit on a good spot and catch fish as they push through. When fish quit moving, you have to push through a spot to keep contacting fish. This can really be evident when targeting both walleye and perch. Especially with shallower water patterns where we are finding fish in less than fifteen feet of water, these fish movements typically revolve around sunrise and sunset....

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Little Fish House on the Prairie

by Bill Mitzel Ice fishing can be a hard game if you go primitive. Many years ago, dad was one of the first ice anglers to purchase a motorized ice auger. In fact, he was the object of attention and soon got many requests to drill other anglers’ holes he had to start charging them. Fifty cents a hole was the going rate. And with ice as thick as three feet, he had no trouble getting his price. Amidst having little else in the way of modern gadgetry, the auger was a convenience he insisted on having. Before he...

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Sometimes You’re Better Off KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE

by Jon Mitzel   Everything has its place in ice fishing, but in clear water, you’re often better off with a basic technique There’s been a lot of innovations in the ice fishing industry over the last 20 years. Most of it positive. With the advent of ice jigs we’re no longer limited to plain old hooks with no color, no design and no fish-attracting shapes. Let’s face it, ice fishing techniques are limited. While you be mobile and move around a lot, fact is you can’t cover the amount of water you can during the open water season....

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Ice Winter Perch During Devils Lake’s Hard Water Season

Devils Lake Winter Perch by Cody Roswick, Owner of Fin-Hunters Guide Service The yellow perch (Perca flavescens), one of the Dakotas most abundant fish species, growing to table fare size, cooperative in winter months, and responsible for countless fish dinners. Dakotas are blessed with good numbers of yellow perch, liberal limits, and many large and small bodies of water that only receive measurable “winter” fishing pressure. It’s a tremendous natural resource and the boom is now. I’m not a biologist, but I do know a few things about the yellow perch as a veteran perch angler and winter fishing...

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