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Devils Lake Fishing is On! Lake is Open

Devils Lake Fishing is On!  Lake is Open

Unless you live outside the world of technology, where reports (such as this) get published, it’s time to let people know that the open water bite is ON!  DDL pro staffers have been out on the water for the past week with excellent success.  With a high amount of snowfall this winter has produced high runoff and the tributaries are flowing…hard.  When this all comes together in April, it means the fishing should be good, and it is.

Shore fishing and small boats are the norm right now.  Those with boats small enough to drop off shore have been taking advantage.  Our prostaffers got out early and stayed late most days this past week.  While some days are slower then others, as a general nature it’s fast and furious at times with large fish being taken.  Taking smaller fish this time of year is tougher, as the average size of the walleyes coming up can be around the 3-5 lb. range.

When Devils Lake walleye fishing is this good, a lot of fish get taken out.  It’s early in the year, freezers are empty, and people are stocking up.  The ethics of it all are at times, questioned, but I’ve always been told the fishery can handle it.  Let’s face it, with the lake going up another 3-4 feet this year, there will be A LOT of places for walleyes to spawn and hide.  The amounts of big fish are still there, always has been that way since I can remember.

So for those looking to venture out to Devils Lake, pull out a map and spend some time before you go.  There are a lot of tributaries that run through Devils Lake, and seek out potential bottlenecks in the system.  Those areas, where walleyes literally stack up, can be solid this time in the year.  Don’t be afraid to roam around and find your own fish, you’ll be glad when it produces.

Good fishing…

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