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DL Walleye Myths Uncovered

DL Walleye Myths Uncovered

by DDL Staff

It is amazing how many misconceptions develop about various fish. Walleyes have a lot of them.

For most anglers, they come to Devils Lake for its incredible walleye fishery. They are abundant and they are delicious. Still, misconceptions about this treasured fish exist. Let’s explore some myths about Devils Lake’s walleye fishery.

Myth) You have to fish deep most of the time to catch walleys.

Fact: Walleyes in Devils Lake love shallow water. They will travel to the shallow water often.

Walleyes are simply not afraid to drift into shallow water. Depths from 2- to 8-feet. It’s food that dictates most their movement.

The water you can’t troll crankbaits over or drift bottom bouncers over should be worked by casting shallow water crankbaits.

Truth be told, when it comes to walleye on Devils Lake, it’s wise to start shallow and work deeper.

Myth) Walleyes don’t like things like weeds or rocks.

Fact: Walleyes are very adaptable and often cling to physical structure like trees, rocks and vegetion.

Weeds, trees and rocks are simply places where walleyes find food. Even on the big water of Devils Lake you’ll find walleyes in the back ends of bays using weedlines and other structure to chase baitfish. It ties in with their tendency to get into shallow water.

There are few other fish adaptable to conditions than the walleye. This is truly a verstatile fish, often found in a wide variety of areas. Approaching a given day on the water by looking at the situation and all factors involved, we can make an accurate assessment of where walleyes might be at the time. By doing this, we can narrow things down quite a bit before we even begin to fish.

Remembering that walleyes will hit a large variety of baits and lures, have a tendency toward shallow water, and are extremely abundant will give us a decided edge when the walleye game begins. •

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