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February 19th Fishing Report

February 19th Fishing Report

Ice conditions still vary with an average around 30 inches. A 12″ auger extension is necessary in most areas as there’s a good amount of snow on top of the ice. 12-18 inches of hard packed snow covers most spots on the lake. Our trail system is now extended to Doc Hagen’s over on Six Mile Bay. Other trail locations throughout Creel Bay are still going to the North end of Creel, Peterson’s point, Eagle Bend, Country Club, Military, and Rocky Points. Although you can still get around some spots, if we get hit with another snow storm tracks will become necessary if you plan to venture out on your own outside of our trail system. There is an inverted pressure ridge in shallow on Military Point extending across Camp Grafton in shallow. A pressure ridge also remains traveling from Rocky Point to the Dome House area. Although the bite has been tricky, the fish that we’ve been finding have been in the 22-24 FOW, 28-29 FOW, and with the morning and evening shallow water Walleye bite in the 10-16 feet of water range. The style of fishing Tommy has been having the best luck with has been going aggressive with a buck shot to get them called in, then switching to a small tungsten to try to get them to bite. “If the fish move in, switch to something small– if they move out, call them back in with a more aggressive presentation, switching back to a lighter jig […]

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