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Devils Lake Fishing Report February 24 2017

Devils Lake Fishing Report February 24 2017

Fishing Report

“Hey guys how’s the fishing going?- Need to get the website updated.”

Bendy: “Words and stuff!”

Tommy: “What we’ve noticed is cloudy days where the pressure is favorable it seems like both the Walleye and Perch go on a major feed bag, especially in the 25-30 foot range. On sunny days your best option is in deeper water such as the 40′-50′ range. Gold colors and jigs without noise work better than buck shots or lures that make noise. Now that the snow cover is gone, the fish are acting as though they need to adjust to the change because they seem to be acting a little spooked.”

Ice Conditions and Vehicle Traffic

The above average temperatures have ended and we’re now averaging those mid twenty temperatures during the day. Last weekend we shut our lake access down to minimum traffic to help preserve it and it looks like we’ll be good to go for the rest of the winter- as long as we don’t get dumped on with snow. There’s been a lot of questions about vehicle traffic the past few days. That said, if you have a full size vehicle you are basically good to go. Warm temperatures melted a majority of the snow on top of the ice and although there is some slush, small drifting in areas, and water on our trails- pickups, SUV’s, and ATV’s are all able to get around- Creel Bay, Six Mile Bay, East Bay- most of the lake.

World Record White Bass on Devils Lake

Congrats Blake! See the press release here.

Good luck this week!!

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