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Ice Fishing Report from Woodland Resort

Ice Fishing Report from Woodland Resort

Fishing Report:

Gold, gold, and gold. The past couple of days the color Gold has been the go to choice. Specifically in the form of 1/16oz Buckshots, gold Genz Worms, down to slip bobber rigs with a gold hook and smaller sized live minnow. We recently experienced a large temperature change from -20 to 20 above and it slowed the bite for a day or so and then the fishing turned for the better! The Perch have been primarily coming out of 25′-35′ of water throughout the lake. We’ve heard other reports of guys catching them in even shallower water between 18′-25′ on parts of the main lake, Six Mile, and over on East Bay. Walleyes are being targeted at depths of 15′-25′.  As always, your best time of day to get on the eyes is morning at sunset and evening at sundown although they do feed throughout the day- just not as actively as they do in the mornings and evenings.

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