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Devils Lake Fishing Report January 18, 2017

Devils Lake Fishing Report January 18, 2017

Ice thickness is holding steady at 14-19 inches on average throughout the lake and Creel Bay in front of the resort. With the warmer temperatures this week we should see the snow on the ice settle down and make getting around a little easier. We’re still preaching tracked rigs for the best mobility as there’s quite a bit of drifting in areas. Overall, ice conditions have improved and we now have plowed roads out of the resort- to some (not all) of our fish houses and popular places with structure like Rocky Point, the Golf Course, and Peterson’s Point.
With the improved conditions we’re looking at exploring more out in front of the Dome House and the Towers this week.
If you’re looking to come up fishing with your own wheelhouse, I’d recommend heading to Rocky Point as last weekend’s Wounded Warrior tournament brought a lot of traffic making it easier to get around off of the trails with packed down snow to get your houses settled in. Rocky has a lot of structure where you can move 100 yards or so in each direction to find fish. We charge a $10/day access fee for use of the trail system.
The fishing has been finicky, although we’re still getting a good number of groups coming in with Walleyes and some Perch mixed in. Anywhere from 18 feet of water in the mornings and evenings to deep water (45-50′) in the afternoon is a good bet. Guys going for Pike are finding success as well. Walford’s Bay and shallow areas with flooded timber is the ticket on Pike.

Lure Choices:
Gold Tungsten with wax worms.
Slip bobbers with a gold hook and split shot.
Buckshot rattle spoons. – your perch or walleye colored with yellows and greens, oranges, whites, and pink colored all have been working.
Good luck and happy fishing!
If you have any questions, comments, or feedback feel free to email or give our bait shop a call 701-662-5996 extension 1.
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