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Devils Lake Fishing Report January 27th

Devils Lake Fishing Report January 27th

The word fast does everything but describe the fishing over the past week. Hard bite for Perch and Walleye earlier in the week but improved a lot with the sun today! Pike action has remained consistent through the weather changes, primarily being caught in shallow water. Flooded timber anywhere from 5′ to 15′ is where they’re hitting. We have been finding perch in 25′, 30′, 45′, and 50′ depths, with walleye in 15 to 30 feet on classic walleye structure such as humps, points, and rock piles.The fish are still keying in on the colors green, orange, pink, and gold. Buckshot rattle spoons tipped with a minnow head are a good bet to for both perch and walleye. If things aren’t working- try a different color or switching to wax worms. For the more finicky perch we would recommend a small tungsten with either a small full minnow or tip it with wax worms. One trend we’re finding is the Perch are biting later in the day towards 5:30 PM.
The warm weather we have had for the past few days has made travel on the lake easier as the snow had melted down some, the only problem is the issue of slush! Use caution when driving around as the ice has anywhere from 3 inches to a foot of slush on top of it. Underneath the slush is still a good 16 to 20 inches of ice. Snow cover on top of the ice is anywhere from 5 to 15 inches.
Still recommending that people with wheelhouses head towards Rocky Point as that has been the most productive area for steady action. The trick is to move deep during the day and head in shallower towards the evening. Finding a good “in between” spot for your wheelhouse is ideal. There are trails heading towards Peterson point, the Country Club, Military Point, and Rocky Point as well. All of these trails are good at the moment, but they do have quite a bit of water sitting on top of the roads anywhere from 5 inches to a foot of water in some areas. The ice crew has the trails marked with stakes (we had to reroute several trails, several times this week). So if you see a blocked trail- there’s a reason it’s blocked.

Six Mile and Stump Lake have been doing well. We did have a couple of MONSTER Walleye’s and Pike come into the store this week (nice fish guys), but their spots remained a secret!
This weekend is the annual DLVFD ice fishing tournament, good luck to all anglers and ticket holders!
-Stay safe and see you on the lake!

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