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LRAA Devils Lake 2018 Summer Schedule

LRAA Devils Lake 2018 Summer Schedule

by Johnnie Candle — President Lake Region Anglers Association

The Lake Region Anglers Association is a group of anglers dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of Devils Lake fisheries. The LRAA group meets the first Tuesday of the month from September through May taking the summer month off to enjoy the resource they work to protect.

This summer LRAA will host several tournaments on Devil Lake.

They are as follows:

– Spring Northern Outing: Saturday, May 19th. Location: Lake Wood Park

– East Bay Outing: Saturday, June 2nd. Location: East Bay Boat Launch (Acorn Ridge)

– Devils Lake Open: Saturday, June 16th, Six Mile Bay

– Adult Child Outing: Sunday, July 22nd. Location: Grahams Island State Park

– Walleye Widow: Saturday, August 18th. Location: Lake Wood Park

The LRAA also collect and clean fish form major tournaments in the Devils Lake region. These fish are used for an annual Community Fish Fry and Corn feed held each fall in Devils Lake. Most years, the LRAA and the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce team up to feed over 700 members of the community a meal of Devils Lake walleye and sweet corn.

If you fish the Devils Lake Basin at all, you have probably experienced some of the handy work of the Lake Region Anglers Association. They have built and sponsored boat landings and handicapped fishing piers all around Devils Lake. The members assist in the maintenance of these structures as well.

If you would like more information regarding LRAA tournaments, projects, events or to join the Lake Region Anglers Association, please visit our Face Book page at or our website at •


ARTICLE II: Purposes and objectives

Section I. The Purposes and Objectives of the LRAA: A.) To bring together all area anglers…


The LRAA is a group of anglers dedicated to improving the fishing and lake access in and around the region of Devils Lake, ND.

General Information

The objectives of the Association are the Conservation and Preservation of our natural resources, enhancing recreational and fishing opportunities through our work with Lake Access projects, creating an environment that promotes a spirit of Sportsmanship and Fellowship among our members and supporting Youth Education and Youth Activities. •

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