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Plowed Roads and Ice Conditions Update

Plowed Roads and Ice Conditions Update

Just a heads up to our fish house customers and people looking to venture out with their own wheel houses: Our plowed trails throughout Creel Bay are starting to get some water on top of them due to snow melt (currently, there’s anywhere from 12″-18″ of snow on top of the ice). The ice crew is working hard to divert trails as much as possible but more than likely you will be driving through a little bit of water. The ice is still completely safe as we’re sitting around 30″-36″ on average for ice thickness. Fishing the past couple of days has been slower, but late ice is generally considered an excellent time of year to venture out. They should turn on any day now! Late ice is one of the best times of the year as temperatures rise, more stable weather conditions takeover, and sunlight penetration becomes more favorable as the snow melts from the top of the ice. Good luck out there!

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