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Tips for Fishing White Bass on Devils Lake

Tips for Fishing White Bass on Devils Lake

Devils Lake is famous for its world class fishing and a fish that gets little recognition, but should, is the white bass. Scientific Name – Morone Chrysops, is native to Mississippi watershed in the central United States, the white bass has spread from coast to coast north to south. In Devils Lake, they grow to their largest potential and routinely exceed 3 pounds!

Often noted for their aggressive personalities and great fighting ability, they deserve respect from seasoned anglers to beginners alike. Classified as panfish, white bass are a schooling fish. You seldom find one by itself and finding an active school of white bass can keep you busy.

Fast growing aggressive feeders, white bass enjoy fast moving presentations and vibrating baits all season long. Certainly, there are times when finesse presentations rule, but it seems more often then not, you need to excite these fish into chasing your baits. Faster than normal cast and retrieve techniques and aggressive jigging strokes seem to do the trick and when they grab the bait, hold on! There round, flat profile and large tail fin turned sideways can make the drag sing on any spinning reel.

Nicknamed – “Crappies on Steroids” is pretty accurate and there table fair is good as well. You just need a sharp fillet knife and suggest removing all the red colored (fatty/oily) meat from the center strip of the fillet.  Here are a few white bass fishing tips for Devils Lake, ND.

WHERE-TO Finding white bass on expansive Devils Lake can be daunting, but a few helpful hints will help you locate the aggressive schools.
Fish the Edges Rocks, trees, weed edges are all good bets. In the spring and summer months, they like shallow warmer water from 2-10 feet of water. Rocks and deep water close to shore seem to be a magnet for white bass. Devils Lake has miles and miles of rip rap shorelines and holds lots of white bass. Most of it can be accessed while shore fishing or boats.
Wind-Swept Shorelines Use wind to your advantage… what I mean is windswept shorelines. Especially if the wind is blowing into a neck-down area or corner. Areas like this have dingy, turbulent water that white bass take like to take advantage of and are usually feeding heavily. At times it can be a fish every cast.
Bridges and Current Another location to find white bass are the many bridges and current areas in Devils Lake. These current areas attract fish of all species. With the anticipation of more water in Devils Lake this year, these bridges will be key fish attractants.

White Bass Lures

WHAT-TO USE As far as tackle, white bass are suckers for artificial baits. My arsenal is pretty simple… jigs with twister tails or boot tails, some shallow running crank baits and a few lip-less rattle baits will do the trick.

HOW-TO I prefer to cast and jig when targeting white bass and these baits are dynamite. Using artificial is necessary when fishing aggressively and not losing your bait. When you determine there are some white bass in an area speed up your retrieve or get aggressive on your jig strokes. Most importantly, let the fish tell you what they like. An aggressive fish and fun for the whole family. White bass are the hardest fighting panfish on Devils Lake!

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